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Soubi's Mind

How will it all end?

I didn't know where else to post this rant/thought so I figured this would be the best place...also the place where the fewest of my friends who don't like loveless or anime/manga in general are bound to find this. =)


Ok here is what I think about Ritsuka's name. At first I just assumed that he wasn't suppose to have a fighter, I figured that he was both fighter and sacrifice and therefore he was an incredibly valuable person for the seven moons to get a hold of. This didn't sit well with me though because I see the fighting pairs more so as lovers and it was hard for me to think that someone would be born into the world fated to be alone. So then I decided that he does indeed have a fighter/sacrifice and together they are loveless in battle. Because it is very obvious that Ritsuka is loved at the very least by Yuiko, I think his name has to do with his feelings for others.

Now the Seven moons wanted to get to Ritsuka and therefore have an ultimate fighting team, and Seimei interfered for one of two possible reasons. The first being that Seimei didn't want a team to exist that was equal to or possibly more powerful than him and so faked his death to toy with his brother and sent his fighter to Ritsuka. The second possibly which unfortunately makes more sense is that since Seimei was one of the seven members of the Seven moons (The seven voices …whatever they are called) he was on the committee, so to speak, that discussed fighters and sacrifices and heard that his little brother was going to be use in a negative way. Whether Loveless was going to be used in experiments or if they were going to become killing machines for the group Seimei didn’t like it and so he decided to go against the organization and spare Ritsuka, to do this Seimei faked his death, so that the group wouldn’t kill him for going against their wishes, and sent Soubi to Ritsuka to change Ritsuka’s fate since he couldn’t go to Ritsuka himself.

Seimei's goal was to make Ritsuka beloved, in action not in name, which would weaken his true name Loveless (wondering why it hasn't appeared) and also to make him hate an organization that he didn't know anything about so that he wouldn't have to worry about Ritsuka joining whether it was for the first reason of becoming more powerful than Seimei or the second reason to protect Ritsuka. So to do this he left a letter in a very easy to locate place on his computer that said that he was murdered by the very organization he was apart of and then sent his fighter to provide clues to Ritsuka so that it would seem that he was the one to figure it all out. Now by saying that he was murdered Seimei could have produced two reactions from Ritsuka, one of revenge in which he would kill numerous in battle (what Seimei was trying to avoid) or the one I'm sure Seimei knew he was going to get and that is one where since Ritsuka has experienced death and the loss of someone now, on top of the abuse at home, that he wouldn't want to kill or really harm anyone (which when Ritsuka picks this path is the reason that we never see his "true" name appear, it won't be until he loses his sympathy for his opponents in battle that it will show...this will come roughly at the end if at all lol and will probably have to do with Soubi/Seimei...or Seimei's new fighter Nisei who I can't really talk about too much because I haven't read that far yet).

Anyway, that is why Soubi cannot answer any questions directly that have to do with the Seven moons or Seimei other than he was Seimei's fighter. Soubi is also not allowed to contradict any ideas/assumptions that Ritsuka makes such as that Seimei is dead that's why when asked about "hypothetical" situations that involve Seimei being alive he says that Seimei is dead before answering. Now addressing the problem as to where Ritsuka's true fighter actually is, for my own sake I was hoping that Soubi was indeed his true fighter, and that Seimei stole him from Ritsuka around the time that Ritsuka lost his memory. The reason that Soubi's name bleeds in battle then isn't because he is betraying his true name loveless, but rather because he thinks that he is beloved and therefore in that sense it is a betrayal. Also the reason his scar was placed around his neck is because since he isn't really supposed to be "beloved" but rather "loveless" it shows that he is just a servant/prisoner to Beloved, or Seimei rather than a partner. This idea could work whether Seimei’s intent for Ritsuka is positive of negative. If he is trying to save his brother from becoming a pawn in the Seven moons by taking Soubi and making him Beloved he has helped slow down their bond. If Seimei is trying to weaken Ritsuka’s bond with Soubi so that they don’t become too powerful he has also done that here by making Soubi something that he isn’t.

The problem here is that I don't know how much time has passed from when Seimei and Soubi met. If they had been a team long before Ritsuka lost his memory then I have no reason to believe that Soubi is suppose to be with Ritsuka, unless the planning has been going on for a long time which I find hard to believe, however if Soubi and Seimei united all conveniently within that time period that I’d say its almost a given. The other issue is that I don’t know if there can be an age gap between fighters, just because I haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. With that in mind though I do think that Soubi and Ritsuka were originally made for on another. Maybe Seimei saw just how wonderful Soubi was and convenienced the moons to give Soubi to him, meaning that while Soubi/Ritsuka were suppose to be together Soubi did really belong with Seimei, or Seimei saw the danger of uniting the Loveless pair and all of the damage they could do and so he left Nisei for a while and interfered with the team.

Finally, Ritsuka's memory loss could have to do with the whereabouts of his true partner since it seems that teams are united at a young age (for example see breathless, the male zeros and memories of the female zeros for age guesses) at the time Ritsuka would have been roughly 10 and so it could make sense whether Seimei caused the memory loss is unknown but it would make sense whether he was trying to protect his brother or just make sure Ritsuka didn’t become too strong.

Now some issues I have are as follow:

1) Why does Seimei have a new Fighter, was Nisei suppose to be his fighter all along and that's why he isn't as harsh with him? Also I believe Kouga said somewhere that Nisei was like the only one who could rival Soubi which all supports my idea that Seimei screwed up the Loveless team so that he wouldn't have to worry about not being the best. This idea however does not support the freedom of picking your destiny, which I feel is the prevailing theme.

2) I've seen a more recent scan from Zerosum and Soubi has Beloved carved into his chest but I KNOW that he has been shirtless before in a very early manga and it wasn't present at all...meaning that Seimei has just done it recently or that Kouga screwed up...any ideas on this issue?

In conclusion:

I have determined that the loveless series will end in one of three ways (yes they contradict parts or all of each other)

1) Fate will lose out and my Sou-chan and Ritsuka will be together in the end. For this assumption to work we will have to acknowledge that Soubi and Ritsuka were indeed never meant to be together. Anyway all in all there will be a big show down and Ritsuka/Soubi will face Seimei/Nisei and Ritsuka will chose Soubi over his brother. I think it will be out of character but Ritsuka will destroy Seimei one way or another, I don't know if Soubi will cast the spell that destroys Seimei or not but it will be cast and freedom of choice will prevail and Soubi and Ritsuka will have some off screen...good for fanfiction, type loving ;) Actually for this ending I think Ritsuka will cast the final blow on Seimei like he did to Soubi in his dream in the anime (I don't know if that doesn't go with the manga's storyline) and for that one moment LOVELESS will appear somewhere visible on Ritsuka but will then fade away and never return again. This ending doesn’t sit well with me because it requires Ritsuka to be malicious and it requires Soubi face off his original sacrifice, which I feel is cruel.

2) Fate will win but not directly which will spawn a whole series of unanswered questions that will piss off all fans of this series. Since Soubi and Ritsuka were suppose to be together but didn't know it, in the end they think they have left their real fighter/sacrifice it will turn out that they just returned to where they should be, BUT they will not be loveless towards others in battle. I don't think Ritsuka will ever be loveless in battle because of all the abuse he has suffered, so the true Loveless pair will be united but they will not be loveless in the way they were suppose to be. With this ending Ritsuka's true name will never appear and Soubi will lose the collar around his neck since he will no longer be the servant of Beloved. By removing/never showing their true names it will look like you can change fate/that it never existed. This of course would leave open the idea that it was all fated to happen this way since it would have been dangerous for a team like LOVELESS to exist, when I picture Loveless as a team I see the male zeros but without a flaw like not being able to control body temperature. LOVELESS would, in an essence, be unstoppable because of their lack of compassion in battle and for people all around. This ending also would mean that Seimei was doing good by interfering with the Loveless team and that idea pisses me off because Seimei is an asshole. Yup ::cough:: anyway moving on. While I would absolutely hate a positive Seimei ending, this type of ending seems the most inclusive, it explains why Ritsuka's name isn't visible, it explains where Ritsuka's fighter was, it explains why the memories of Seimei that Ritsuka has are all positive (in the end this would be Seimei doing the right thing for his brother that he loves rather than helping an organization), and it would explain the introduction of Nisei with Seimei as a true fighting pair. This would also explain why Seimei was less than loving to Soubi, since it really wasn't his fighter. Overall this ending would be a happy one but wouldn’t make it clear if fate or free choice won.

3) It will be a sad ending that makes me cry. Soubi will die and Ritsuka really will become loveless in both name and in practice. It will be one of those unnecessary Hollywood ending type deaths, taking a bullet for someone, in which Soubi sacrifices himself for his sacrifice and it will be all dramatic as Ritsuka asks why and Soubi mumbles that he loves him. Ritsuka will at this point then not only be his own fighter/sacrifice and probably attack the ones that hurt Soubi (Probably Seimei and Nisei) but also his name will appear in a very visible location...or it will be over his heart for that extra kick of drama. Overall Ritsuka will be bitter and cold and ruthless to anyone that tries to come near him. I don't like this ending because I love my Sou-chan and so F this ending. Also this takes Ritsuka out of character so it doesn’t seem to fit.

This concludes my visions of Loveless…I had a lot of free time today and so I chose to do this rather than learn to use my new sewing machine (I have no string :: cries:: )

If you were lazy and didn’t read it all I believe (even though I don’t like it) that Seimei is doing the right thing, Soubi/Ritsuka were and are suppose to be together, and my second ending is how the manga is going to end. Also if Soubi or Ritsuka does die, I will hunt and kill Kouga…yes, anyway.

Please respond and submit your ideas…feel free to tell me how wrong I am…OoOoO and definitely correct anything that I got wrong, I’ve only read a few scanlations since I can’t read Japanese and seen the anime so I’m bound to be wrong. Seriously though it gets a little boring only being able to bounce this kind of thinking off of one other person lol.
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sims 2, Soubi, Nisei

Keep the pennies to yourself!


So this has to be the 5th or 6th journal I have
openned and the only reason I am here is to find
good Loveless communities and find out where to
buy Loveless merchandise because I am completely
infactuated with Soubi.

Sadly Soubi has filled that void that the ex left
lol...or that I made the ex leave WHATEVER...

Anyway if you actually want to get to know me than
I suggest you look into my diaryland account or
myspace one because chances of me updating this
journal are slim to none.

P.S. Soubi and Ritsuka make beautiful babies in the
Sims 2 lol.

P.P.S. Does anyone that has the Sims 2 have a Soubi
sim that has his hair up in a pony tail or the
bandages around his neck? I'd love you forever if
you do and are willing to share ;)
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